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At Sydney Upclass Bathroom Renovations, we take you on a stress-free journey every step of the way. Our goal is to create the best satisfying experience for you, from free quoting to planning to complete your tiling project.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom, laundry or kitchen, having our team of Professional licensed tilers in Sydney in your space, you can guarantee everything will be on time, on budget and of excellent quality.


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Full Bathroom Renovation

Do you have some inspiration to start a bathroom renovation of your own? Let Sydney Upclass Bathroom Renovations make it a reality. Our professional licensed bathroom renovator worked on several bathrooms, tiling projects across Sydney. If you want an elegant look, choose marble tiles, a modern minimalist look or a Zen-inspired theme for your bathroom. Remodel your bathroom with confidence at Sydney Upclass Bathroom Renovations. We are ready to get the project done for you!


 Let your floor shine under your foot and feel the inspiration with Sydney Upclass Bathroom Renovations. We offer a range of tiling services for your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry. Talk to our team about what you need, and we’ll get started with your project.


Count on us to cover for you. Sydney Upclass Bathroom Renovations offers creative solutions for all your waterproofing needs with the highest quality standards. We are a team of waterproofing specialists in Sydney with years of combined knowledge, experience and expertise in different sectors.

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